Why swallow?[pointless post]

I guess that my new motto, "If my life sucks, I will swallow" is kind of misunderstood.
So, in order to make it all clear, I will answer to these 6 questions: Who? What? Where? Why? When? and How?
When I say that my life sucks and that I swallow, it is clear that im talking 'bout myself. I am the one that makes and takes decisions in my life , so I am the one responsible for the consequences.
In order to continue the answer of the first question, the consequences, either good or bad, are the things that I swallow. In other words, as you saw, so shall you reap.
Anywhere. So, if I talk 'bout places, coz that's what "where?" refers to, I'll say that no matter where I am, I will still swallow.
1. Because I can.
2. Because I want to.
3. Because it is better for me and the others.
4. Because I'm a grown up.
5. Because each and every time I wrote a suicide note, I ended up witout killing myself
Just by closing my eyes.

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