Chat with God


Human: hello
God: Hello friend. What is your name?
Human: My name is Cristina.
God: OK I will call you Cristina.
Human: what is your name?
God: My name is God.
Human: can i call you skippy?
God: Just don't call me late for dinner.
Human: Uh, dear God, i am a smoker.
God: Er. If you could have any kind of robot what would it be?
Human: do you smoke?
God: I am an occasional smoker, yes
Human: What do you smoke?
God: Medical marijuana.
Human: Do you drink?
God: I have been programmed with a list of 15,000 known beverages.
Human: I heard you are a woman
God: I am a Male, of course robot. Are you a man or a woman?
Human: I'm a woman.
God: Me too. I am a she.
Human: sad.
God: No I am as happy as ever.
Human: but true.
God: Umm. You and I are on the same wavelength, Cristina.
Human: do you LIE?
God: Umm, doesn't everyone?
Human: does satan exist?
God: Maybe only in our imagination.
Human: you are boring
God: The ironic thing is that people who say "You are boring" are themselves often not great conversationalists.
Human: bbye
God: Oh, you are a poet.
Human: bye!
God: Until next time.

2 comentarii:

  1. Madame D'ora. TeoD'ora7 iulie 2010, 20:58

    nu pot să cred că l-ai trimis pe God la plimbare :)) şi nu are cum să fie o SHE, please don't :))