I've been wandering in a haunted house. It was full of spider web. It still is.
I chocked, coughed, got dirty, but I finally start to see my way through.
It's ok... It will always be.

My main dilemma is that I can see more than a shimmering light and I really don't know which one I shall follow. I should make up my mind before it gets dark.

I needed a change, and I got it. It wasn't necessarily a good one, but I guess I should have mentioned I need a good change, in order to get it. That's it. Life is quite precious for those who live and make it this way.

There's no point in understanding why or what this life is.

Live the moment. It may suck, but you'll have to swallow without choking, and this needs practice. But it is ok as long as you keep on looking for some light. Still, you should remember : there's always a ray enlightening your way,and it may not be in front of you. Look back too, or you may miss it.

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  1. Da-ne o mana de ajutor si tu, si scrie despre marsul biciclistilor din Cluj, editia aniversara de 4 ani de pedalat lunar prin oras (22 Septembrie 2011):