S.O.S. (same old smoke)

I've been dreaming too much lately.

I've been dreaming too much that I can find or get back something that I lost. But the thing is... Once you lost something and somebody else found it before you did, it's not yours anymore.
Heartbroken? Yep.
Give any fuck? Nop.

I stopped fighting now. But it seems like I did it a million years ago. My life was for rent, I didn't learn to buy in time, so it's no surprise that I have nothing left.

Now I struggle to stay alive. And I cannot wait for that moment when I will start rising again. Beware of that.

I'm a good actress... So... it's ok.

All my dreams went up in smoke, and I have no more power to think of new ones, but it doesn't matter. Everything is ok when it ends. I'm over and done. So I'm ok. I got lost on the way, but I'm a supergirl. And supergirls just fly.

I never thought I could be high on pain. But I am.

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