Long or short?

Ante scriptum : As lately I've enriched my friend circle, I am going to write this in English.

So, you are about 20. Should you have only one night stands, short-lived relationships, or long-term, peaceful ones?
Yes, it's the age when you should experience, but, still... isn't comfy when you think that there's a someone who's always there to, at least, listen to you whenever you need some piece of advice?
No, you don't want to get married or any crap like that, but does a long relationship lead to marriage?
Yes, you need to gain some experience, but isn't it better to gain it with one person? After all, it is useless to say how different all of us are.
So, what would you prefer? A long-term relationship or a short-lived one?
I'm going to tell you my opinion in the next post.
SNW :)

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