"Sorry seems to be the hardest word." Remember the days when we were young, and we used to listen to music like this, trying to feel whatever they were trying to say with these lyrics? We were just kids then, and we used to cry listening to these songs. And now we cry without having to play all these . Now we tend to know how crying a river feels like, how hard it is to say sorry sometimes. Now we are all grown up and we understand what a feeling means, how much the love can hurt... And I wonder...was it better few years ago when we knew about this feelings only from the song's lyrics, or is it better now, when we actually feel it? Is it better to feel something as the singers describe it, or to feel it your very own way?

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  1. As you can be very enthusiastic under that clear blue sky while I am falling in a sad melancholy, as we say the same words and we understand different things, as the silence can say everything for me while it makes your heart die inside you, there is no doubt that we feel in our own way. I suppose we can only identify our feelings with that “stereotypical” love and hurt songs. It’s sad when you have the impression you should be loved in a particular way… However they say you are truly in love when all that foolish songs start to have a meaning for you too. Anyways I suppose there is nothing worse than feeling nothing. We need to feel as we need to breathe and live; we need love to have the opportunity to hurt, we love to hurt cause we are strange-monstrous creatures with god-damned complicated souls inside us. :)

    Alice, I suppose ;))

  2. Love you Alice. That's why my baby girl's name will be Alice. If I had a girl that was like you, I'd be the happiest mom in the world. Love you.